The Good Girl

Scratch the surface of any family hard enough and you'll draw blood...

No one can believe it when straight A student Romy Field finds herself at the centre of a scandal, least of all her mother Ailsa - who is also the head of her new school.

Ailsa is quick to hold Romy's new boyfriend and his parents responsible for what has happened. But as mother and daughter reveal their very different version of events, a much darker truth emerges. It soon becomes apparent that Romy isn't the only member of her family harbouring secrets and her disgrace becomes the catalyst for the unravelling of all those around her.

It takes a split second to make a decision that can alter the course of your life.

And a lifetime to undo the consequences.

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The Good Girl


"The Slummy Mummy columnist is back - this time, somewhat incongruously, with a psychological thriller. The Good Girl looks set to be the next Gone Girl, with its dark compelling exploration of family secrets. It tells the story of the relationship of two teenagers and their families when a chain of events leads to a scandal that affects them all. A confronting look at the way that one moment of malice on social media can spiral out of control."

Seven Books to Read, House Seven



"Two families become embroiled in each other's lives and long buried secrets are unravelled. Contemporary issues are tackled here with both humour and realism, making for an engrossing read."

My Weekly

"Neill takes a light scalpel to online disaster in this exceptional dual-narrative."


"A topical, tense and addictive read."

Good Housekeeping

"Clever, grown-up and totally gripping."

Lisa Jewell

"The Good Girl is vivid and insightful, and Neill has a trained eye for the pressures and poignancies of modern family life ."

The Guardian

"Sometimes touching, sometimes shocking... this cautionary coming-of-age tale is a thought-provoking one."

Daily Mail

"Packed with observations of wince-making accuracy."

The Times

"Neill's characters are so cleverly depicted, you feel as if you've met at least one of them before."


"Neill writes with verve, honesty and breathtaking insight. Utterly unputdownable."

Helen Walsh, author of The Lemon Grove

"The Good Girl raises all kinds of contemporary issues with wit and sensitivity."

The Times