What the Nanny Saw

What the Nanny Saw

Nanny required to take care of busy professional London family.

When penniless student Ali Sparrow answers Bryony and Nick Skinner’s advertisement her life changes overnight. 

She is catapulted into the privileged and excessive world of London’s financial elite. At first everything is overwhelming – from twins who speak their own language to a teenage girl with weight issues, and a son almost Ali’s own age. Then there is Bryony, who has one eye on her dazzling career and the other on Ali’s failings. 

When boom turns to bust and a scandal erupts that suggests something corrupt has been hatched behind the Skinners’ front door, their private life is suddenly public news. And as Ali becomes indispensable, she realises she’s witness to things she probably shouldn’t see. 

But is she principled enough to keep the family’s secrets when the press come prowling for the inside scoop? Or will she dish the dirt on the family who never saw her as anything other than part of the scenery